How to trade OTC BB and Over the Counter Stock Securities

Trading OTC BB securities is not a difficult process. First, a perspective trader must choose from a variety of different stock brokerages. Having a broker is essential as they are the party that executes your trade. Find out about stock brokers

Upon selecting a broker, you will be able to buy any number of the thousands of stocks and securities available. This means, you need to do your research. We recommend adding sites like Yahoo! Finance, BigCharts and others to your list of bookmarks as you engage in your journey to microcap stock investing

There is no secret to picking stocks. Honestly, look at the world around you. About a year ago I bought a piece of software, because the type of software was something that my clients frequently requested. Immediately, my thoughts should have been to buy some stock in the company that makes the software (did I? No!). The stock has made a 350% gain since that day. So, study what you know, not that which you don't, and make informed decisions based on your experience (as well as your guts)

The most important lesson for you to learn is the power of goal setting. Make sure you have an exit plan immediately upon buying a security. Are you looking for a 15% gain over a month? Or 5% for the week? Whatever your goals, set a sell order for your goal point immediately upon buying a security. It doesn't take a genious to buy a stock and watch it go up, but it takes a smart investor to know when to take your gains and sell. Resist the temptation of greed and always abide by your initial goals

Strategy is just as important. Is your goal to buy one winner and go for a doubler? Or is it to buy 10 securities and look for each to make minor gains?